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Brooke Van Horn

Brooke Van Horn DPh.

Native of Oklahoma City, Brooke worked for Robert Tracey at Tracey Drug in downtown Oklahoma City, while going to school to be come a pharmacist at the University of Oklahoma. It was at Tracey Drug where he met the love of his life working at the fountain his wife of 45 years Bobbye. It wasn't until he purposed that he discovered that his friend and mentor Mr. Tracey was about to become his father-in-law.

In 1971 our parent company TV Discount Drug was founded. Three years later Brooke purchased Mark’s Drug in Guthrie from Mr. Tracey’s long time friend and associate Mark Ekiss. Now after almost 35 years, these two small stores have become one of the largest and most respected independent pharmacies in the metro area. With one simple business philosophy of treating the customer like you want to be treated.

Brooke will often remind others that his employees are his single greatest asset, and without their loyalty and dedicated service he would have never been able to achieve his level of success.



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